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Hi Cdrama Lovers, you want to know lyrics and translation your favorite Chinese drama Ost, that you can't find at our website? It's easy 🙂

  • write your request ost in comment section below.

Then, do this following step:

  • Choose one of our article that you like (beside the article in this request ost)
  • Click the heart icon and share the article.
  • Don't forget to write your comment in that article.
Note: share, like or comment our article via website, not from our social media platform. If you do all the step, we will approve your request.

How to click the heart icon and share article

  • The heart icon is in the end of the article
  • Click the heart icon to recommend article
  • Click one of the social media icon to share the article

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How to write comment in article

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When you doing that, you help us to grow. Thank you.

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