Please Feel at Ease Mr Ling

Please Feel at Ease Mr Ling

After successfully playing Cheng Li in the Chinese Drama My Dear Lady, this time Liu Te will return to star in another romantic drama, Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling (一不小心捡到爱).

and his co star will be Zhao Lusi who recently played at The Romance of Tiger and Rose (rumor putri ketiga) and Dating in The Kitchen (Dapur Romantis).

Please Feel at Ease Mr Ling synopsis

A story of how the 'rabbit' brings home a 'big bad wolf' follows a young woman named Gu An Xin who chances upon the hotshot executive Ling Yue after he encountered an accident.

Gu Anxin (Zhao Lusi) a delivery-woman accidentally knocks over Ling Yue (Liu Te), the heir of a corporation. The paranoiac Ling Yue requests for Anxin to take responsibility, and so she has no choice but to take him back to her home for recovery.

Ost Please Feel At Ease Mr Ling

At first, she thought he was retarded, but after a few days of interaction, he proves himself to be a genius. As it turns out, Ling Yue got into an accident after being caught in the ugly fight for succession of a powerful conglomerate.

With two people so different from each other living together, what kind of relationship will it bring?

Please Feel at Ease Mr Ling

This drama has a title in Chinese: Yi Bu Xiao Xin Jian Dao Zong Cai (一一 小心 捡到 总裁), and means "Accidentally Picked Up Love".

This drama is adapted from the novel by Chun Feng Yi Du entitled "Accidentally Picked Up the CEO"

Please Feel at Ease Mr Ling

Previously, Chun Feng Yi Du also wrote a novel Well-Intended Love and had a live action version.

The shooting process for Please Feel at Ease Mr Ling began on May 23, 2020 and has now finished shooting.

Please Feel at Ease Mr Ling will have 24 episodes will be aired on Youku, at 20 Mei 2021.

Please Feel at Ease Mr Ling cast

Liu Te
Liu Te as Ling Yu
Zhao Lusi
Zhao Lusi as Gu Anxin


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