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My Little Happiness – Kebahagiaan kecilku

 My Little Happiness – Kebahagiaan kecilku

Hi Cdrama lovers, this time we will review upcoming Chinese Romance Comedy Drama, A My Little Happiness (2020).

My Little Happiness (我的小确幸) tells the story of urban workplace romance follows a legal intern and a surgeon who reunite as adults. They become colleagues and neighbours. As evenly matched as they are, a relationship starts to blossom.

My Little Happiness starring by Fair Xing who known for her drama Put Your Head On My Shoulder and The Moon Brighter For You, she will play the female lead, Cong Rong. And Daddi Tang who played in Put Your Head On My Shoulder will play as Wen Shaoqing, the male lead in this drama.

My Little Happiness

My Little Happiness synopsis:

Cong Rong's (Fair Xing) mother has arranged for her to go out of the country to study economics with the hopes that she can settle down abroad.

However, Cong Rong who wishes to become a lawyer sneaks back into the country to pass her requirements and start work as a legal intern.

My Little Happiness

To her surprise, her first and biggest hurdle is none other than her childhood friend Wen Shaoqing (Daddi Tang). In order to complete her internship smoothly, Cong Rong engages in a battle of wits with Wen Shaoqing even as the red ropes of fate bind them tighter than ever.

Playlist Ost My Little Happiness

My Little Happiness

Wen Shaoqing is not only Cong Rong's landlord, he is also her next-door neighbour. Before she realizes it, she's fallen in love with him.

My Little Happiness

My Little Happiness is a Chinese drama with Comedy, Law, Romance genre. This drama is an adaptation of the novel You Are My Happiness (你 是 我 的 小 确 幸) by Dongbenxigu.

My Little Happiness will have 28 episodes and will be airing at January 13, 2021 on Tencent.

Source: Baidu Baike, Douban, Weibo

My Little Happiness cast:
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