Ost Use For My Talent

Ost Use For My Talent

Hi Cdrama lovers, here's Ost Use For My Talent – new drama 2021

Use For My Talent synopsis (我亲爱的小洁癖)

tells the story of the Opposites attract when a neat freak and a slob who works at a cleaning company get acquainted as boss and employee. The two became closer as they get to know each other. Under each other's influence, they began to heal from their wounds.

Her mother's death due to a car accident has shattered Shi Shuangqiao's (Shen Yue) once happy life and turned her into a person who can no longer be bothered to keep up appearances.

Gu Renqi (Jasper Liu) who grew up isolated and closed off due to his broken family is obsessed with cleanliness. Gu Renqi becomes Shi Shuangjiao's boss when she starts working at a cleaning company.

Through their interactions, their relationship gradually evolves from frenemies to lovers.

One day, Shuangjiao learns that her mother's death was not an accident and that the culprit might be Gu Renqi's grandfather.

It's a terrible blow to Shuangjiao who was finally learning to overcome the pain of losing her mother through Gu Renqi's help. Can the couple overcome this hurdle?

Use For My Talent cast

Shen Yue
Shen Yue
Jasper Liu
Jasper Liu

List Ost Use For My Talent

1.Small Distance – Duan Aojuan (小小距离 – 段奥娟)
2.Touch You – Claire Kuo (触碰你 – 郭静)
3.U – Jasper Liu (U – 刘以豪)
4.Experience – Jason Hong (体会 – 简弘亦)

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