Ost The Long Ballad

Hi Cdrama lovers, here's Ost The Long Ballad – new drama 2021

The Long Ballad synopsis (长歌行)

Set in the era of the Tang dynasty, it is told that Li Shimin, the royal prince, rebelled and killed his own brother, prince Li Jiancheng. Li Changge, the daughter of prince Li Jiancheng, runs away disguised as a man.

Hoping to gather an army to avenge the murder of his family, she went to Youzhou where she became acquainted with Qin Huai.

During one of the battles with the Turkish Khaganate, Changge was taken prisoner, and was stunned when she learned that Qin Huai was actually Ashina Sun, the enemy general.

While being a prisoner, she discovers Khan's ambitious plan to destroy the Tang, and must choose between personal revenge and the greater kindness of the Tang Dynasty.

The Long Ballad cast

Dilraba Dilmurat
Dilraba Dilmurat as Li Chang Ge
Leo Wu
Leo Wu as Ashina Sun

List Ost The Long Ballad

1. Cocoon – Zhou Shen (茧 – 周深)
2. The Direction of Light – Zhang Bi Chen (光的方向 – 张碧晨)
3. If You Come Back – Sa Ding Ding (如若归来 – 萨顶顶)
4. Falling Sand – Vanessa (落砂 – 金玟岐)
5. How I Wish You Were My Eternal Song – Zhao Lusi (多么愿你是我恒久的歌 – 赵露思)
6. A Love Like Before – Liu Yu Ning (一愛如故 – 刘宇宁)

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