Ost The Imperial Coroner

Ost The Imperial Coroner

Hi Cdrama lovers, here's Ost The Imperial Coroner – new drama 2021

The Imperial Coroner synopsis (御赐小仵作)

New Chinese drama with mystery, history and romance genre. Young girl Chu Chu came from a family of coroners. She meets Prince Xiao Jinyu, a dignified prince in charge of criminal lawsuit who appeared weak and sickly.

Prince Xiao lacks reliable manpower to investigate case, while Chu Chu lacks people to stepup, take charge and be a man.

Together, they manage to unravel a shocking case that has dragged on for 18 years. After solving the case, she won the Emperor's approval and is finally certified as the Imperial Coroner, fulfilling her life goal.

The Imperial Coroner starring by Su Xiao Tong who previously played at Young Blood. she will play as Chu Chu, the female lead. And Wang Zi Qi who previously played at Novoland: The Castle in the Sky 2 . will play as Prince Xiao, the male lead.

The Imperial Coroner will have 36 episodes and will be airing at 29 April 2021 on Tencent Video.

The Imperial Coroner cast

Su Xiao Tong
Su Xiao Tong as Chu Chu
Wang Zi Qi
Wang Zi Qi as Pangeran Xiao

List Ost The Imperial Coroner

1. This Unfinished Life / Hidup yang belum selesai ini – Yīnpín Guaiwu /HITA (此生未了 – 音频怪物/HITA)
2. For The Rest of My Life / sepanjang sisa hidupku – Chí Yuehan (余生 – 池约翰)
3. Heart Reason / alasan hati – Wang Mohan (心缘 – 王莫涵)
4. Parallel World / dunia paralel – Chi Wang Ye (平行世界 – 池王野)

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