Ost She Is The One

Ost She Is The One

Hi Cdrama lovers, here's Ost She Is The One – new drama 2021

She Is The One synopsis (全世界都不如你)

New Chinese drama with romance genre. The bridegroom who concealed his identity and the fake bride who replaced her elder sister. After a variety of experiences on the emotional road of marriage first and then love, the two got caught in the emotional game of cat and mouse. Will they choose to stay together for a lifetime?

She Is The One starring by Tim Pei who previously played at My Love, Enlighten Me. he will play as Wen Jin Chen, the male lead. And Li Nuo who previously played at comedy drama Su Yu . will play as Yuan Yue Yue, the female lead.

She Is The One will have 24 episodes and will be airing on Youku and Viki at 19 April 2021.

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She Is The One cast

Tim Pei
Tim Pei as Wen Jin Chen
Li Nuo
Li Nuo as Yuan Yue Yue

List Ost She Is The One

1. I Want To Tell You – Li Nuo (想告诉你 – 李诺)
2. Is It Love – Liu Anqi (是爱情吗 – 刘安琪)
3. But Then – Gao Jialang (可然后呢 – 高嘉朗)
4. Feeling Palpitations – Wu You (心有余悸 – 邬悠)

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