Ost Miss The Dragon

Ost Miss The Dragon

Hi Cdrama lovers, here's Ost Miss The Dragon – new drama 2021

Miss The Dragon synopsis (遇龙)

Miss The Dragon tell the story of a young maidservant named Liu Ying saves a snake on behalf of her young mistress in a chance encounter. However, the snake turns out to be a thousand-year ancient dragon named Yuchu Longyan, who now wants to marry her to repay her kindness. The two's lives then become entangled with each another as their love transcends over three lifetimes.

This drama is starring by Dylan Wang who played in Meteor Garden and Ever Night 2and the co star will be Bambi Zhu who played in Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre.

Miss The Dragon is Chinese drama with historical, romantic, and fantasy genre. This drama is an adaptation of the game of the same name. Miss The Dragon will have 36 episodes and will be airing at 10 Mei 2021 on Tencent.

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Miss The Dragon cast

Dylan Wang
Dylan Wang as Yu Chi Long Yan
Bambi Zhu
Bambi Zhu as Liu Ying

List Ost Miss The Dragon

01. When Firefly Meets – Henry Huo (遇萤 – 霍尊)
02. Go Back Wandering – Shuang Sheng (流转莹回 – 双笙)
03. Attention – Tintin (青睐 – 丁丁)
04. Separation – Wei Yi Ning (相别 – 魏一宁)
05. Endless Good Life – Wei Yi Ning (青山百里月无眠 – 魏一宁)

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