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Ost Love Scenery

Hi Cdrama lovers, here's Ost Love Scenery – new drama 2021

Love Scenery synopsis (良辰美景好时光)

New Chinese drama with romance genre. Tells the story of Liang Chen and Lu Jing who fall in love despite their differences in age and background.

Liang Chen is devoted to bringing good music works to the listeners, expressing the idea of being kind, real, and perfect.

Lu Jing loves computer and big data research. He is highly recognized in the academic field through studying complicated human behavior and psychology, thus influencing the classmates around by his solid specialty literacy.

They are strangers first but then brought together by big data and they become closer in the journey of pursuing dreams.

Love Scenery starring by Lin Yi who previously played at Put Your Head On My Shoulder. he will play as Lu Jing, the male lead. And Lulu Xu who previously played at Sunshine of My Life . will play as Liang Chen, the female lead.

Love Scenery has 31 episodes and will be airing at 8 April 2021 on Tencent Video, iQiyi and Youku.

Love Scenery cast

Lin Yi
Lin Yi as Lu Jing
Lulu Xu
Lulu Xu as Liang Chen

List Ost Love Scenery

1. When I was Eighteen – Zhao Bei Er (当我十八岁 – 赵贝尔)
2. Never Stop – Duan Ao Juan – original (绝不止步 – 段奥娟)
3. Never Stop – Duan Ao Juan – acoustic (绝不止步 – 段奥娟)
4. You Have Me – Liu Yuning (你是我所有 – 刘宇宁)
5. Down Wind – Zhao Bei Er (顺风 – 赵贝尔)
6. Kick It – Yu Tan (Kick It – 于湉)

To request lyrics and translation for this drama Ost, write the song title and singer name on the comment section below.

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