Moonlight – Ryan Ding and Esther Yu drama 2021

Hi Cdrama lovers, this time we will review upcoming Chinese modern romance drama, Moonlight (月光变奏曲).

This drama is starring by Esther Yu who played in I’ve Fallen For Youand the co star will be Ryan Ding who played in The Romance of Tiger and Rose (Rumor Putri Ketiga).

A romance with squabbles and sweetness follows editor Chu Li and author Zhou Chuan as they grow together and realize that their connection started long ago online.


Moonlight synopsis

After graduating from university, with a passion for publishing, Chu Li (Esther Yu) successfully entered her dream company, Yuan Yue Publishing House. However, a challenging path lies ahead of her.


She was shocked to find out that the publishing industry at this time has undergone huge changes. With her sincerity and professionalism, she earned the respect of renowned authors and became their exclusive editor. Chu Li overcomes the obstacles in her career and finally becomes an established editor.


Zhou Chuan (Ryan Ding), a new god in the book industry, has declared that publishing is dead in the internet age. To his surprise, he meets the young and inexperienced Chu Li, a new editor at Yuan Yue Publishing House. Chu Li has no qualms dissing the earth, dissing the heavens and even dissing Zhou Chuan himself.


Zhou Chuan accidentally discovers that Chu Li is the owner of the username "Monkey" that he's kept in touch with for many years. Zhou Chuan is known to be warm and gentle in the eyes of his fans, but from Chu Li's perspective, he's a two-faced actor who's completely different in front of others and behind closed doors.

As such, the sassy girl and the "actor" teacher begin their fiery day-to-day interactions through the long process of writing a book.


Moonlight is Chinese drama with modern romance genre. This drama will have 40 episodes and will be airing at 20 Mei 2021 on iQiyi.

Moonlight cast

Esther Yu
Esther Yu as Chu Li
Ryan Ding
Ryan Ding as Zhou Chuan


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