Imitation - Korean Comedy Romantic drama 2021

Hi Cdrama lovers, this time we will review upcoming Korean musical comedy romantic drama, Imitation (이미테이션).

This drama is starring by Jeong Ji So who played in Parasiteand the co star will be Jeong Yun Ho member from boyband ATEEZ. And also Lee Jun Young who played in Class of Lies and Please Don’t Date Him, Park Ji Yeon who played in I Wanna Hear Your Song will play as the main lead.

Imitation based on the webtoon of the same name, it tells the story of the lives of idols in the entertainment industry, centered around the secret romance between a member of a rookie girl group and a member of the top boy group in the industry.


Imitation synopsis

Lee Ma Ha is a member of the K-pop girl group Tea Party. Despite the group's lack of popularity, Ma Ha has received some media attention due to her physical resemblance to the popular solo singer, La Ri Ma.


During a reality TV program where idols participate in sporting events, Ma Ha accidentally injures Hyuk, a member of the famous boy group Shax.


Another member of Shax, Kwon Ryok, develops a dislike of Ma Ha as a result of both the incident and her attempts to gain popularity by imitating Ri Ma.


However, the two are forced to cross paths on television programs and when they are cast in a drama together.


Meanwhile, Ma Ha's childhood friend and fellow idol, Lee Yu Jin, from the group Sparkling, has feelings for Ma Ha and tries to shield her from what he believes are Ryok's negative intentions towards her.


Imitation is Korean drama with musical, comedy romantic genre. This drama will have 12 episodes and will be airing at 7 Mei 2021 on KBS2.

Imitation cast

Jeong Ji So
Jeong Ji So sebagai Lee Ma Ha
Park Ji Yeon
Park Ji Yeon sebagai La Ri Ma
Lee Jun Young
Lee Jun Young sebagai Kwon Ryok
Jeong Yun Ho
Jeong Yun Ho sebagai Lee Yu Jin


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